Janssen Publishers - The Male Nude in Art & Photography

Janssen Publishers - Founded 1979 in Berlin

Janssen Publishers - The Male Nude in Art & Photography

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Before mailing your order to us, please read these terms carefully.

Please make use of the order form to place an order with us. Please make sure that you state the order numbers, quantity & price, also ensure that you give us your complete name and correct postal address.

Internatonal clients from Europe: Please submit payment by Electronic Transfer in Euro to our German bank account.

We do not accept Euro check payment anymore due to high bank fees and postal delay.

Clients fron the USA: Please send a check in USD to our bank in the U.S. (Address will be submitted after receipt of order.)

If you prefer to pay in USD by electronic bank transfer, please add $16.00 net bank fees.

South African clients are asked to pay by cheque or electronic tranfer to our account.

You can also pay by PayPal from any country.

Goods can only be returned due to production defects within 8 days.

Please note we do not offer refunds for shipping damages, changes of personal taste or preference reasons!

Net shipping costs will be charged in addition to the total amount of your order. Our bank account details will be submitted to you via email. Please state the type of shipment that you prefer - surface (cheaper but slower) or air mail (faster but more expensive).

We look forward to receiving your order and guarantee fast, reliable handling.

Thank you.

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