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Janssen Publishers - Founded 1979 in Berlin

Janssen Publishers - The Male Nude in Art & Photography

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Volker JanssenJanssen Publishers was founded in Berlin, Germany in 1979 under the name Janssen Verlag by Volker Janssen - a former salesman, photographer and journalist.

He is also the founder of Galerie Janssen, which opened in 1981 as the first gallery worldwide on the subject of "Men in Art". The gallery published smaller items like postcards, posters etc.

In the mid 80's Volker started to publish small catalogues to promote the gallery & the exhibiting artists. They sold well and the idea was born to publish aesthetic photographic books.

In the late 80's Janssen Verlag grew into a publishing company that became more popular and successful than the gallery. High quality coffee table books were published featuring the work of European and international artists photographing the male nude. The first Ralf-König comic books were also published after he had his exhibition at Galerie Janssen. Janssen Publisher's book and catalogues were now distributed worldwide, and became particularly popular at the US market.

In 1991 the Janssen Publishers mail order service was launched offering huge A4 catalogues featuring an ever-expanding range of photographic art books, and other new items like classic and modern male bronze statues, graphic art, a t-shirt collection, rainbow flags and so on. There was something to suit every gay art collector's taste.

In 1996 Volker sold Galerie Janssen (which still exists as a gay sex shop) and moved to Cape Town, South Africa. The publishing house was renamed to Janssen Publishers and now operated from South Africa. After the move to Africa, Volker Janssen continued to publish photo books and specialized more in African & African American models & artists. In 2005 he launched the new book series "BLACK" in 8 volumes which were still selling successfully worldwide.

Janssen Publishers is also a publisher of gay erotic DVDs. No mass production from California but more semi- professional movies from Africa with attractive young African models who have never posed nude in front of a camera and never been filmed before. We also offer exclusive gay movies from Brazil and some rare classic sex movies from the early 1950's and 60's.

Since 2010 we have stopped publishing new books or DVDs as the market and demand for our kind of erotic and aesthetic products has changed drasticly due to the internet + social media. Nevertheless, all our previous publications are still available for collectors from us directly by mail order directly from South Africa.

Thank you for your compliments & support over the last 38 years.

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